20+ Best Shopify Themes With Attractive Ecommerce Designs For 2021

20+ Best Shopify Themes With Attractive Ecommerce Designs For 2021

Shopify is presently one of the main systems for constructing an eCommerce website. No surprise such a lot of human beings are interested in locating the excellent Shopify subject matters for his or her stores. What’s sure is that Shopify comes with lots of brilliant designs, however, there are nonetheless a few things you may do to make your shop stand out even greater (and probably convert better, too). The best Shopify themes can help you create a store that not only looks good but also converts more visitors into customers and achieves your business goals.

Best Shopify Themes

This is in which the excellent Shopify subject matters come into the picture. We’ve completed our studies and compiled the subsequent listing of the pinnacle selections. This is a set of the excellent Shopify subject matters within the market – those that stood out the most because of their look and the functions they offer. Check them out and allow us to recognize which one is your pick.

In this article, we have compiled more than 20 best Shopify themes, so you can find the ideal place to run your business without spending a lot of time browsing. As the scale of mobile e-commerce is larger than ever, we will show you the appearance of each theme for desktop and mobile visitors, and share the main features of each Shopify theme.

All high-level themes are grouped by industry, including fashion and clothing, jewelry and accessories, home furnishing, electronics, toys, and games, etc., so you can find the ideal theme for you to choose from.

What To Look For In The Best Shopify Conversion Theme?

Many factors make a website a good site for converting visitors. Speed ​​is the most important element of conversion. For every second your website loads in the browser, you will lose approximately 7%. Your income. The average load time of the website is about 8-9 seconds. Therefore, the average website loses

about half of its potential revenue. Another great way to increase conversions is to create a layout that captures the audience’s attention with a call to action. A desirable call to action can substantially boom your conversion rate. There are many ways to get your audience to focus on specific areas of the website. First, you can change the size of the text, the color of the button, or maybe change your position on the website.

You can also increase the number of conversions by improving the navigation options on your website. People want to get to the right place on your website with two or three clicks. However, you can also increase the conversion rate with great videos, pictures, and comments. You can increase the number of conversions by adding a trust factor to your website. When looking for the best Shopify theme to convert, there are many options. Here, we have listed some of our favorites.

1. Wokiee

Over 50,000 active users are compatible with Oberlo, making it one of Shopify’s best Shopify themes. Single product store layout 16 stores and product page layouts Integrated sales notifications Pre-designed buttons Enhanced Megamenu integration Enhanced Google code snippets Fast loading and responsive design Supports multiple Ajax languages ​​and can load more than 20 unique languages ​​faster skin.

Price: $69

2. Furnitto

Large easy-to-browse menu 55 collections catalogsCross-browser compatibility SEO optimized coding download design quickly view products double blog/shop function Available text overlay.

Price: $139

3. Mobilia

  • Large easy-to-browse menu 55 collections catalogsCross-browser compatibility SEO optimized coding download design quickly view products double blog/shop function Available text overlay.
  • good sized landing web page banners
  • Full-width homepage video available
  • Multi-area of interest theme
  • Clean and slick design
  • Pre-brought attractive inventory photos
  • Mobile responsive
  • Multi-stage menu feature
  • Integrated social media
  • Search engine optimization

Price: $180

4. Pacific

  • Minimal UI
  • Pre-added color palettes and styles
  • Modern and smooth layout
  • Free topic updates
  • Responsive design
  • Designed for huge inventories
  • Integrated social media icons

Price: $180

5. Handy

  • Layout optimized for mobile devices.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Search-oriented menu.
  •  Modern design, full of empty space.
  • Instagram gallery scroll effect.
  • Multi-column menu.

Price: $180

6. Material

  • Fully customizable multifunctional Shopify theme
  • Multiple large menus ready to add RTL language
  • Full response Built-in media slider
  • Quick product viewing function
  • Beautiful book pages
  • Well structured product design
  • Light field effect

Price: $56

7. Doni

color palettes Nine ready-made creative homepages with minimal design. Different design styles of product catalogs. Quick shop function. Product labels, such as new products, special offers, and popular products. Elegant navigation. Respond to the theme. A ready-made template for the retina. Put it in the shopping cart and on the wish list.

Price: $49

8. Minimal

Free small inventory theme Product-oriented design. Three style options are provided by Shopify official Support homepage video image slider product filter mobile design product image zoom effect.

Price: Free

9. Ella

  • Universal Shopify theme
  • Multiple homepage layouts
  • Unique purchase and product page coverage
  • Ajax navigation module
  •  Landing page image slider
  •  drop-down shopping cart overview
  •  Optimized for speed and navigation
  •  Automatic adjustment of image size
  • Fully responsive
  •  one-click checkout
  •  notification of the last sale

Price: $59

10. Kodo

  • The download speed is fast.
  • 17 stunning floor plans.
  • Mobile-friendly design.
  •  Multiple heading styles.
  • Product Features.
  • Color samples.
  • Integrated real-time search.
  • shopping basket.

Price: $59

11. Loft

Modern minimalism has designed three unique styles for widely customized billboards that are optimized for high-resolution images. Full-frame Instagram feeds. Historical product pages. Landing pages are rich in white space.

Price: $160

12. Everest

Multifunctional e-commerce themeEight excellent presentationsResponsive designFontWonderful and Ioton packagingSEO-optimized internal codingCanvas menuIntegrated drop-down style menu.

Price: $59

13. Fashion Store

Customizable homepage with pre-designed sections. Adaptive design. Product display with text overlay. Sorting options. Multi-currency support. Custom slider. Home Search in book style.

Price: $139

14. Empire

Shopify themes are similar to Amazon. Specially developed for large catalogs. Modern design. Shop quickly. Customize advertising fields. Advanced product filtering. Striking style and palette. Mobile device design. Pre-added social media icons.

Price: $180

15. Split

Visually attractive design optimized for large images unique vertical slideshow integration with social media.

Price: $180

16. Boost

Universal design style, adaptive design, access point, image link, real-time search result menu, promotion of unique color gamut.

Price: $180

17. Story

Simple design Excellent color combination Story-centric product page Custom feedback form Sidebar filter Available search mode Book mode Store clerk integrated social network Complete response framework.

Price: $180

18. Flow

Concise, minimal design. Video home cart. Unique mobile product grid. Integrated social media icons. Sidebar for favorites.

Price: $160

19. Vogue

Simple and smooth appearance Book-style layout Three excellent presentations Pre-optimized standard layout and masonry options for unlimited scrolling high-resolution images Integrated social media Customizable layout Retina display Multi-currency support.

Price: $180

20. Fastest

Sensitive and responsive design. Fast page loading speed. Visual page generator supports the direct delivery site. Integrated applications can be used for product overview grouped product images. Multi-language support and support for multiple currencies. Extended functions to increase sales. Main product catalog sales Countdown timer Ajax shopping cart update RTL support.

Price: $56Furniture

21. Everything

This responsive theme has done a lot of work in its code for mobile devices, which has been verified against W3C standards. You can place more than 100 layouts on your website with just a few clicks. To make navigation easier, there is a large menu drop-down menu. This can be easily transferred to tablets and mobile phones. The theme has an advanced product filter that visitors can use to search for products that meet their needs.

This can also help reduce the need to get off the bus. All features: Optimized for mobile devices, so you can ensure that your website displays well on any device and any screen resolution. Ideal for SEO-oriented companies. You can be sure that your website will appear on Google and other search engines. More than 100 designs for you to choose from, make your business unique. When a product is added to the shopping cart, a pop-up message will appear.

22. Symmetry

If you need products that can bring you excellent design, high ratings, and excellent conversion rates, Symmetry may be one of your best choices. There are four styles to choose from, which will allow you to create a website that is similar to your brand and style. To simplify the conversion process, an excellent multi-level menu option is provided to guide visitors to various locations. The excellent “quick purchase” feature can reduce the number of interactions users need from viewing to purchasing and help attract more customers.

There is a great Instagram feed feature for the interaction between you and your visitors. Because social media like Instagram can be a great way to improve customers. However, most themes are not available out of the box, and you will need the Shopify Instagram app to implement them. This will slow down your store. You can see good results Burst Free Pictures on any website, so you can always bring great images to your website. Many social media icons can help bring the public to your website. You can use four styles to customize your website according to your brand to increase loyalty.

23. Plain

This is one of the best Shopify themes that can be used to convert visitors into customers and subscribers. Your business profits may increase, so you should be able to make more money soon. The theme is responsive and can be viewed perfectly on any device and any screen resolution. There are many customizations you can use to create a stylish, modern, and attractive website. You can win the trust of your audience by uploading an existing brand logo. Logo, don’t worry. One of the reasons that make Shopify the best conversion theme is that it will help you build an online presence. You can use the logo designer to create a logo based on text.

You can also create your own icons for the website. This will help your SEO. To create a clear brand identity, you can customize the theme background to match your brand color. You can also do this via the “Buy” button on the website. Of course, you can also check the color of the buy button to see which color is the best. Simple function: Use a variety of menu options to help users navigate your store. Cross-topic social media integration to better interact with your audience. Optimized for search engines so that Google users and others can find your website. The excellent product features of the motor can increase the value of your order.

24. Avone

This is a truly versatile Shopify theme for building various online stores. With more than 18 complete online store demos, Avone may work properly in your Shopify store. You can view all available demos on the Avone website. To give you an idea, this includes fashion stores, shoe stores, and furniture stores. The layout is very simple, no matter which product you want to sell, the Shopify website will maintain a clean and modern appearance. Avone has pre-built store content, but it is also very flexible.

To help you customize your Shopify store, it is reported that there are more than 1,000 theme options available to use with you, covering almost all display customization items on the website. Customizing sidebar content and customizing large menus are just a few ways to customize your store using this theme. If you can’t find a store demo that fits your project, Avone can help you create a customized solution.

Whether this is your first time using Shopify or not, the good news is that you can apply the theme to your store in just a few clicks. After importing the demo content, you can start uploading products and customizing your Shopify store. You also don’t have to worry about whether smartphone users can shop in your store because this theme is completely mobile and can be operated with any screen size. Avone has excellent e-commerce and general website features designed to help you start your business.

If you want to make money from your Shopify store, you need to use one of the top 12 Shopify conversion themes. The above topics can be used for various business models of different scales. However, they can all help you convert more visitors into paying customers or subscribers on the mailing list. Which theme would you choose?

These Are The Best Shopify Themes. Which Is Your Favorite?

This sums up our thoughts on some of the best Shopify themes that are designed to build beautiful, easy-to-transform Shopify businesses that drive sales. After choosing the perfect theme, make sure to also check out our selection of Shopify apps to add important features to your store.

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