Best Shopify Themes Trends To Guide Your Online Sale Strategy In 2021

Best Shopify Themes Trends To Guide Your Online Sale Strategy In 2021

Of course, 2020 has not proceeded as planned. The pandemic has affected all levels of us, whether it’s communication with customers or user research. E-commerce has grown for ten years in one year. Home consumers have drastically changed their buying habits, forcing millions of companies to invest more in their existing e-commerce channels or go online for the first time. Demand continues to grow. According to the BCG Consumer Confidence Survey, by 2021, e-commerce sales are expected to reach a staggering $5 trillion. Now, brands urgently need to adjust to survive and stand out from the competition. Has a unique ability to help traders flourish in the ever-changing era. In this article, we will learn about top online shopping trends and ask top customers and Shopify Experience experts to predict key e-commerce development strategies and technologies in the next 12 months. When you work on current or future online stores or apps, please keep this in mind and you will be better prepared for sellers’ needs in 2021.

Best Shopify Themes

1. Improve Online Buy Paths

Alex O’Brien, the co-founder of Shopify Plus agency, believes that due to the pandemic, websites have emerged as the number one buy route for lots of brands—as opposed to a secondary or opportunity technique to in-store.

“COVID-19 has introduced the adoption of eCommerce via the means of years. That manner we want to be doing plenty higher as an enterprise than at the beginning of 2020,” O’Byrne explains. “E-commerce is extraordinarily competitive. The first-rate technology will briefly draw better conversions till they’re large and something else will become an advantage.”

O’Byrne consequently advises that eCommerce agencies want to provide greater than the most important eCommerce powerhouses to set themselves aside and recommends specializing in the subsequent this year:

  • Robust search and filtering the usage of offerings like klevu, Algolia, and searchspring.
  • Personalization is carried out properly. Ideally at every touchpoint (on pages, in search, in cart/checkout, advertising emails), and finished as unobtrusively as possible.
  • Enriched buy information. For example advanced length guides, spontaneous chat, and try-on/augmented reality.
  • Almost on the spontaneous web page velocity loading with higher improvement practices and headless adoption.
  • Streamlined returns and exchanges as order extent withinside the domestic are now better.
  • For shops that have a brick and mortar presence, endless aisle concepts, select out in-store, and unified stock management.
  • Nailing fulfillment at better volumes can be crucial. “Our shipments are not on time because of COVID” isn’t going to paintings while the opposition is solidly again on next-day delivery.
  • Increased patron altruism. Non-financial rewards for behaviors (e.g. carbon impartial delivery, registering to vote, and charity donations).

For all of those areas, lots of offerings exist withinside the Shopify surroundings that permit you to enhance the provider or app you provide without the want for a lot of time and resources. We’ll have to observe a number of them in greater elements in this article.

2. Conduct Rapid Customer Research

Steve Borges, the co-founder of enjoying layout agency Big Light believes stores looking to maintain tempo with continuously converting purchaser needs, behaviors, and choices will have an increasing number of flip to speedy purchaser studies to boost up innovation.

“Retailers are working in an environment in which extrude is the handiest constant,”.But manufacturers need to additionally adapt with a surefooted cognizance on purchaser needs, because of this embedding purchaser studies at some point of the process—from idea to layout.”

What’s extra, Borges says, some distance from slowing down innovation, sporting out speedy purchaser studies to form and validate the whole thing from large transformational thoughts to tweaks and optimizations brings the readability and reality traders to want to evolve quickly.

“It’s now feasible to run significant purchaser studies—remotely or otherwise—in days in place of weeks, as it doesn’t want to be primarily based totally on something drawing near a very last layout or treatment. Even sketched out concepts, as a part of intelligently designed studies, can inform us what’s possible to paint on this new truth and what isn’t, what troubles may emerge later, the tweaks and optimizations which are possible to decorate performance, or eliminate friction from the purchaser.

3. Bring In-Store Stories Online

Gavin Ballard, founder, and CEO of Shopify Plus associate agency Disco predicts that, due to COVID-19, traders will locate greater innovative approaches of bridging the distance among in-character and virtual retail stories, whilst at the identical time, clients may be greater openness to new approaches of looking for, comparing, and shopping products.

Specifically, Ballard is seeing improvements in augmented and digital reality (AR/VR) and the web offerings which might be being provided to clients.

4. Augmented And Virtual Reality

While it’s now no longer pretty similar to seeing a product in actual life, Ballard says that AR/VR reviews assist clients with the perception they have to make a shopping decision.

Shopify Plus merchant The sheet society has embraced this with their AR-enabled Bed Builder, permitting clients to visualize how their linen will appear in their real room earlier than including it in their cart. This offers clients self-belief of their decision (nudging up conversion rates), even as additionally lowering The Sheet Society’s danger of bearing the price of a return.

5. Virtual Offerings

One of the benefits of in-individual retail is being capable of forge a direct, private reference to an able purchaser withinside the store. Many traders appear to offer that online with offerings like 1:1 stay chat. But, over a previous couple of months, Ballard has seen a few corporations move the greater mile.

Designer furnishings retailer Brosa, for example, has shifted to supplying a complete showroom revel in with excursions and consults thru video call. Even automobile dealerships—corporations that normally thrive on in-individual sales—have started adapting to provide a greater whole and compelling online revel in.

6. Integrate Greater Personalization And Loyalty Applications Into Omnichannel Advertising

Deb Mecca, founding father of boutique Shopify advertising and improvement agency Causeway 305, witnessed personalization and loyalty given to be in the middle of omnichannel advertising over the past three hundred and sixty-five days and believes it’ll preserve into 2021.

Before the pandemic, a few loyalty applications simplest rewarded loyalty withinside the bodily shop. In 2021, it’s an automated and predicted revel in to shop for something in a shop, and get hold of a thanks textual content or e-mail instantly, spotting the acquisition with prolonged give and referral possibilities from each length of eCommerce business. According to Mecca, this level contributes to constructing a deeper reference to the purchaser, assembling them in which they need to save with the fee to be had regardless of what.

Mecca additionally predicts that manufacturers will more and more check cross-channel tasks to peer if gives are running in live performance or if the purchaser expects the one-channel conversation to pressure sales.

“For instance, a logo that identifies a purchaser that simply bought merchandise in-shop can provide a reduction for a selected series of merchandise online primarily based totally on the customers’ buy history”.The records series and omnichannel advertising techniques are getting limitless to your common shop that has a bodily vicinity and a webshop. The greater manufacturers recognize the capacity of records throughout online and offline avenues, and customize it, the simpler it’s miles going to be to construct purchaser loyalty and advocacy.”

7. Connect The Usage Of Social Trade

The destiny of retail is retail everywhere. Successful shops promote throughout any platform and channel and connect to clients wherein they may be spending a maximum of eCommerce time.

Alli Burg, Shopify strategic partnerships manager, for example, has seen traders get innovative with how they have interacted with clients because of the pandemic. She believes greater eCommerce will take regions on social media structures.

Facebook Shops, for instance, permits manufacturers to create a custom-designed online storefront permitting their clients to find, browse, and purchase merchandise thru the Instagram and Facebook apps, with checkout powered with the aid of using Shopify.

Instagram, meanwhile, has been rolling out a stay purchasing revel in that permits agencies to reveal off merchandise in a stay video, even as clients can browse the highlighted merchandise and make purchases.

8. Rethink Marketplaces

Ross Beyeler, lead running officer ofTrelliscommerce, agrees that marketplaces, inclusive of social ones, will play a miles larger function in a brand’s ordinary strategy.

“Looking back to the origins of e-commerce, traders had been frequently compelled to make their front online through already mounted marketplaces inclusive of Amazon or eBay,” he explains. “While structures like Shopify have empowered traders to create and control their very own direct-to-customer experiences, the form of those marketplaces continues to evolve.”

In 2021, Beyeler predicts traders will reconsider how they could use marketplaces as a spine of their growth throughout the subsequent categories.

9. Native Platform Apps

What originated as an easy manner for clients to tune their order status, Shopify’s Shop app has developed right into a device for traders to without delay propose and promote merchandise to clients properly thru the app.

This post-buy extension of consumer interplay affords a possibility for manufacturers to live engaged and provide better-centered merchandise and services. Customers can “follow” manufacturers that they love and are supplied a feed of merchandise they’re involved in. While nonetheless young, Shopify could be very possible to maintain increasing Shop’s talents and create a wealthy market of manufacturers personalized to the man or woman consumer.

10. Big Container Marketplaces

Despite a large upward push in impartial eCommerce manufacturers, the traditional “huge container” eCommerce marketplaces aren’t slowing down. Walmart has aimed its web page on being an immediate opportunity to Amazon’s supplier offerings and now helps the cap potential for traders to promote without delay thru their platform. This gives a big possibility for manufacturers to faucet into Walmart’s large reach, expanded with the aid of using pre-constructed integrations

11. Editorial-Centered Marketplaces

Editorial marketplaces such as Gear Patrol have carved out a spot withinside the intersection of curated products, logo collaborations, and highly editorialized product content. As they’ve moved from a product-centered weblog to a whole market constructed on Shopify, they’ve opened the door for different manufacturers to attain their readers in particular collaborations and promotions.

12. Delivery Apps

The rise of COVID-19 has made transportation apps a major source of groceries and take-away groceries. As customers have become familiar with shopping via cell and anticipating neighborhood transport, we’ve seen an enlargement from meals and groceries right into a big range of products. Merchants have to remember exploring third-celebration neighborhood transport companions or doubtlessly configuring their neighborhood transport with apps such as Shopify Local Delivery that offer a wholly self-controlled choice to retailers.

13. Diversify Price Alternatives

Senior eCommerce consultant Kurt Elster, the host of the unofficial Shopify podcast, thinks we can see greater price alternatives than ever earlier than provided through traders in 2021.

“Digital wallets like Apple Pay may be the default price technique, in all likelihood overtaking credit score card bills for the primary time,” he predicts. “Financing answers becomes an essential characteristic with greater competitive traders jogging a couple of financing alternatives. Well additionally see cryptocurrency sooner or later legitimized as a price technique appropriate for greater than simply the darkish web.”

Elster recognizes that his perspectives are US-centric and that those developments will appear one of a kind globally. One factor will stay the same, however: e-commerce will explode worldwide, and transactions will arise in greater methods than ever.

“It appears like we’ve been speaking about cell overtaking laptops for a decade, but the variety of web websites accepting greater than only a credit score card remains frustratingly low,” he sighs. “For convenience’s sake, I hope 2021 is the year we together agree as eCommerce experts to allow clients to pay how they want, once they want, on something they want. We Are now towards the year 2050 than 1990. It’s time our online transactions pondered that.”

14. Value Moral Ecommerce

(in keeping with a current IBM retail report ). Consumers at the moment are actively looking for nearby and unbiased corporations that replicate their values.

For 2021, Krissie Claire, founder of kollectify, a company that makes a specialty of content material advertising for Shopify Solutions, and the Mindful Commerce industry directory, predicts that maximum online shops may have the choice to offset the carbon footprint of a purchase. She additionally thinks greater eCommerce manufacturers and builders will awaken to their virtual carbon footprint.

“Shopify is doing extraordinary things to assist in the fight against disaster and deforestation,” Claire explains. “With the modern-day country of the world, maximum people are spotting the want to guard ourselves and the planet greater than ever. The swelling fee of overconsumption damages our health, environment, and planet, and eCommerce is feeding this extraordinary problem.”

There’s a massive increase withinside the range of small- to medium-sized moral and sustainable manufacturers, and clients are seeking out manufacturers who’re sincere and obvious approximately what they’re doing to assist combat the carbon crisis.

To decrease the virtual carbon footprint of an internet shop or app, Claire recommends the following:

  • Hosting: Your information middle has to run on renewable strength. Demand transparency and accept not anything less. Explore your alternatives on this weblog post via way of means of WordPress company Wholegrain Digital in case you want to host.
  • Optimize: This is right for the average app or page speed, in addition to the planet. This pertains to images (compress and add at accurate scale) in addition to fonts (again, compress and stick to fashionable formats—take a look at this deep dive at the overall performance of internet fonts).
  • Aim for performance on your UX: Design consumer trips that convey your clients rapidly and appropriately via the acquisition process—no extra strength wishes to be expended and all of our wins.
  • Embrace virtual minimalism: Carefully keep in mind your use of big images, and mainly video files. What’s certainly had to attain the impact or reaction that you’re seeking out?
  • Keep it clean: Embrace the mission of simple, green code in all regions of your web web page or app—weed out duplicates and needless plugins.

Whether you optimize an app or eCommerce web page in 2021, cautiously keep in mind your alternatives to make sure you construct them on inexperienced foundations and keep on with sustainable values.

15. Develop Innovative Marketing And Marketing Strategies

Fran Boyd, artwork director at Shopify Plus agency underwater pistol, has visible lots greater 3-D and CGI being utilized in advertisements in 2020, specially withinside the splendor industry, and believes this fashion will hold withinside the new year.

“It’s a remarkable choice for product advertising,” she factors out. “Often, it now no longer simplest proves greater cost-powerful than conventional marketing campaign shoots, you can additionally shop time arranging the entirety from the schedules of actors and staff, to locating the proper movie set (at the same time as following all protection tips with recognize to COVID-19 and bodily distancing). With CGI animations, it’s less difficult to edit the very last bring about specific ways, too. Finally, with COVID-19 regulations making it hard for crews to satisfy up, CGI tasks are lots smoother to organize.”

Boyd additionally observed manufacturers including a private degree to pop-up activities via way of means of growing limited-version filters for Instagram or Snapchat. As the pandemic placed bodily activities on hold, however, an opportunity for the following couple of months will be an artwork installation.

“Last spring, ciate London promoted their new make-up variety via means of projecting a huge smiley face onto the Houses of Parliament in London and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York,” Boyd explains. “It made human beings smile at a complex time, and clients recognize manufacturers which might be questioning out of doors the field proper now.”

16. Ensure Overall Performance Is Optimized On Each Level

Nick Disabato of Shopify Plus consultancy Draft, factors out that overall performance is continually a massive deal, on account that quicker shops convert at a better rate, and no one likes gradual apps. But he predicts that 2021 could be the year whilst safe proprietors begin noticing overall performance problems and paintings difficult to repair on each level—from the topic on up.

“Apps could be compelled to narrow up. Server-facet photograph compression turns into the norm. Don’t get distracted through conceitedness metrics, though. The simplest component that topics for the overall performance of an eCommerce save is how long it takes for clients to understand a web page load. That is a unit of time, measured in seconds—now no longer a rating from one to 100.”

“Of course, you could nonetheless promote stuff whilst your pages take 4 seconds to load,” Disabato adds. “Investing in overall performance stays an aware choice, although it’s absolutely an ROI-high quality activity. Still, overall performance optimization is a clean win that’s continually inside your instant control. That’s well worth something today–and within the year to come.”

Make A Further Attempt To Assist Your Customers In 2021

In 2021, traders can not dictate how and wherein clients make a buy or hazard being left behind. More than ever, manufacturers will want to evolve and talk with their clients regardless of what channels and charge techniques they use.

Developers want to be prepared for this shift, to cross more miles for their customers and app customers to fulfill their speedy-converting needs. By being aware of the e-commerce traits blanketed in this article, you make sure you could assist them to reconsider how they promote to their clients and construct higher stories for them. Make your web websites and apps as speedy as possible, pick the satisfactory generation stack on your projects, and be ready to faucet into new marketplaces.


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