Here’s How You Can Put Digital Products On Sale through Shopify

Here’s How You Can Put Digital Products On Sale Through Shopify

When it comes to good eCommerce websites, Shopify is the ultimate game-changer. As a result, individuals who want to start selling Digital Products on this platform can definitely go for it, and it is quite simple to set things up and move. Everyone has access to this eCommerce platform, which allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. People who run their own businesses and sell products online know that Shopify is a great platform. Despite this, many people don’t know that the Shopify platform allows you to sell digital items as well as physical ones. The platform allows you to sell practically any type of goods or service.

In reality, you can put digital products on sale through Shopify and it is far more straightforward than selling physical products and services.

Here’s How You Can Put Digital Products On Sale Through Shopify

Anyone may establish a digital business due to the minimal entry barriers. It is very advantageous to sell digital products online on Shopify platform, the key benefits are:

  • In the absence of a tangible product, you save money on overhead expenses.
  • As a result, you will save money by not having to continue manufacturing items.
  • Software upgrades for digital goods are often easy to maintain.
  • The vast array of items available to consumers.
  • Plus there are no transportation charges at all.

So, The first step to start to put digital products on sale through Shopify is to create a Shopify account.

Step 1:  Set up an Shopify account( Naming your business and setting up logo)

Step 2: once you are done with step one, the next step would be creating a product with Shopify’s “Add a New Product’ button.

Step 3: This step involves  digital Product delivery setup. Shopify doesn’t have a built-in feature for delivering digital items to your consumers. A Shopify app must be downloaded from the Shopify app store in order to use this feature. Uncheck the delivery option when adding a new product to your store to indicate that you are offering a digital product or service rather than a physical one. Using an app to give a download link for a digital goods is a must.

Step 4: Finally, a test is run to ensure that everything is working properly. Your intangible assets will be sent to a personal email address when you do a test order. Use Shopify Payments’ test mode to get around this.

Follow these procedures to enable your system’s test mode:

  • To do this, go to Shopify’s Settings page
  • Choose payments
  • Manage payments in Shopify
  • Test mode may be found by scrolling down to the bottom.
  • Activate the “Test Mode” checkbox.
  • Make sure to save your modifications before continuing.

Ensure that everything has been thoroughly tested before launching your website to the public for general use.

Perform Comprehensive Research
In order to put Digital Products on sale through Shopify, you need to perform research to begin a successful business. When it’s time for conducting the necessary research. You will need to think about what your target audience’s challenges are wherein you could just think about how you might just help them solve their difficulties. This way you can get a strong hold on your vision. The best way to find out what people are most worried about is to join another industry page like Facebook Groups and others available online. Later on check Google Trends and perform some keyword research to be sure you can profit from it.

What Kind Of Digital Products You Can Sell?

Digitized products are assets or media that may be sold and delivered again online without the requirement for stockpile replenishment. Products like Music files, Pdf files, movies, plug-ins and themes are typically available as downloadable digital files that may be accessed or downloaded.

As already mentioned earlier there are good key advantages to sell digital products over physical products on Shopify.

Here are Digital product ideas you can use to put digital products on sale through Shopify:

  • Templates for design (business cards, forms, etc.)
  • Lightroom presets for Adobe Photoshop Poster designs
  • Icons and layouts for the -web designs
  • Online learning  courses
  • Themes for WordPress
  • Templates for logos
  • eBooks
  • Series of videos
  • Stock photography
  • Music

Here Are Some Great Shopify Theme Examples

1) Emoll Shopify Theme

emoll shopify theme
emoll shopify theme

When it comes to designing a website, the Enroll Multipurpose Shopify Themes gives businesses more pleasing options. Allows you to customize content,  for example; products, presentations, videos and collections can be easily added, rearranged and removed from each area by the user or customer. Using Enroll Shopify Theme, you can display your unique  creative abilities. Drag and drop allows you to move any section. Building pages without coding knowledge is much easier using this. Due to the huge Responsive Web Design (RWD) of Enroll, the website displays perfectly on all devices, including desktop, iPhone/iPad/Android smartphone/tablet, and desktop/laptop/laptop computer.

 A versatile responsive fashion theme with sections, Enroll may be used for a variety of purposes. There are a lot of options with this theme, and it’s quite easy to set up. When it comes to theme support, it is quick and really helpful.  Some of its key features include:

  • Store pages may be easily customised in terms of style.
  • You get More than one- layouts to display your portfolio.
  • You get Layouts for several blog list types.
  • There are a variety of hover effects for the dropdown menus in the side menu
  • Widget spaces at the top and bottom of the header.

2) Brooklyn    

brooklyn shopify theme
brooklyn shopify theme
Multipurpose Shopify ThemesBrooklyn is the perfect theme for a trendy clothing business because it’s so versatile. It includes a home page slideshow, dynamic product grid, and size availability on each item page at a view. To construct your business, the theme offers a variety of benefits.

You may customise Brooklyn’s sections and theme settings to fit your online business. There are several sections on your online store, and each section has its own layout and content that determines how each page looks. The arrangement of the products will then change gradually using a dynamic product grid. Store typefaces, colours, and social network connections are all controlled by the theme settings.

This Theme Key Features Are:

  • Allows the customers or visitors to be able to easily find the items or services they’re looking for on your website.
  • The Theme displays flawlessly on all platforms, whether they’re desktop computers, mobile phones, or tablets
  • Allows you to design your site without any technical expertise, simply drag & drop.
  • With this theme, your clients may stay on your website while adding products to the basket by using a slide-out cart.
  • Combines amazing features that assist you create a perfect-looking page.

3) Ella

ella Shopify Theme
ella Shopify Theme

All-in-one Shopify Template with numerous layouts, ELLA is the perfect solution for your online store.

Each of ELLA’s many layouts and styles allows you to construct alternative structures and satisfy any unique requirements as well as offer you with a variety of Child Themes for different types of companies.

Visitors on mobile devices may also enjoy a seamless purchasing experience with Ella because to its excellent UI/UX and Mobile Optimized layout. The theme showcases complete theme features. You can find plenty of top – quality customization options, as well as Innovative features. 

In addition, Ella’s magnificent banner & product blocks on 22+ Homepage and Skin layouts, 09+ attractive Shopping pages, 12+ Layout Options Product pages, Multiple Headers + Footers can help you increase sales. Its key  features include:

  • 22+ Eye-Catching Homepage Layouts + Skins (more are coming soon)
  • 16+ Beautiful Kid Themes
  • A plethora of header and footer choices
  • 9+ Category Page Layout Options
  • 12+ Product Page Layout Options

4) Wookiee

wokiee Shopify Theme
wokiee Shopify Theme

This is a design tool that is very effective. Shopify’s  theme WOKIEE stands out from the crowd. Every tool and module you need to develop a super-fast, flexible website with a great UX is included in this software package. A wide range of layouts and designs allows for the creation of outstanding designes that meet any unique needs of the user.   

  • Automatically resize all pictures in your webstore to the same dimensions.
  • According to your unique needs, you can align content.
  • Google will properly index your material. Good rankings from the search engines will be yours.
  • There are a variety of tabs that may be organised on the product page using the theme’s capabilities. As an alternative, you may create tabs that are more generic.

5) Storego

Storego Shopify Theme

It’s easy to develop responsive web shop designs using StoreGo Shopify Theme, a renowned Shopify Theme. There is an exquisite design to this theme that looks fantastic and is very easy to operate. 

StoreGo – Multipurpose Premium Electronic Shopify Theme Shopify Theme stands out from the competitors because of its engaging user interface. With this Shopify theme, you can easily create any kind of UI design you want. StoreGo – Multipurpose Premium Electronic Shopify caters to the needs of both store owners and customers. To guarantee that all transactions are carried out in the most transparent manner, effective security efforts are taken.

Its Key Features Include:

  • Safety and trustworthiness are guaranteed. Dealing with intricate commercial transactions is easy with it.
  • Your internet presence will grow as a result of using Theme.
  • When it comes to handling your company transactions, Theme is the safest option available.
  • To make theme administration and setting easier, there is a built-in theme management tool.
  • The most important feature is has is the its user experience. It brings fast loading speed and simple navigation are all included in the package.


You can now effortlessly put Digital Products on sale through Shopify. You may sell both digital and physical products on the Shopify platform. A good ecommerce website is impossible without Shopify. This means that anyone who wants to sell Digital Products on this platform may do so without hesitation. The setup and running of the platform is also quite simple to do. To sell such digital products on this ecommerce platform is now very easier and anyone may put up fully-fledged running website. Small company owners who sell their items online know that Shopify is a wonderful platform for their enterprises to operate on.

The Shopify platform allows you to sell digital products as well as physical ones, despite this fact. Almost any product or service may be sold on the platform. Shopify is ideal for both beginners and experts.

E-Commerce business owners have to deal with sensitive client information, such as credit card numbers. Because of this, your site must be fast, secure, and available at all times to users.

It is well-known that Shopify is dependable. Because Shopify takes care of everything, you don’t have to bother about server maintenance or upgrades. As a result of the low entry barriers, anyone can establish a business in the digital space. Digital products on Shopify may save you a lot of money because you don’t have to pay for a physical product. The article  includes  some great Shopify Theme Examples  

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